Monday, May 14, 2012

Moodle design and facilitation

The next task in our project was to design and develop Moodle activities to form the online component of a blended learning SES Induction program.  Each team member was assigned a topic from the induction program and asked to create engaging online activities to support the learning of new SES members.

To achieve this aim we spent two weekends together at SES HQ in Wollongong.  During the first weekend we focused on the practical skills required to create content and activities in Moodle.  The group completed the development of their topics over the next fortnight, after which we met again for a second weekend to critique the program as a whole, and learn about online facilitation.  We also formed groups and designed an evaluation strategy.

Now the group are busy refining their online activities in response to the critique and preparing to trial the online component of the induction in their region.  (Videos of the critique coming soon).  The evaluation of the induction program will be undertaken from three perspectives:
  1. evaluate the effectiveness of the training in meeting workforce needs
  2. determining the success of the trial
  3. evaluate the outcomes of the blended learning experience vs a face to face learning experience.
It will make interesting reading I'm sure!

We did 2 other activities during our face to face meetings - one was a validation which I'll write about in a separate post - and the other was discussion about where the skills and knowledge gained in this project might lead for each individual in our team.  The responses were positive and wide ranging.  The team have agreed to share their ideas as comments on this blog.

 Left to right, back row:  Patty Maxwell (Queanbeyan), Marina Chadiloff (co-facilitator), Warne Boulton (Ocean Shores), Jean-Mary Botfield (Moree), Sonya Oyston (Wollongong), Ann Brady (facilitator), Todd Burns (Wollongong), Robyn Barco (Aberdare).  Middle row:  Gaille Barr (Sydney), Deon Dowdy (Binjura), Trish Malone (Canberra), Mark Healey (Raymond Terrace).  Front row:  Danielle Devine (Jindabyne).  Missing:  Su Bowing (Kiama Community College - RTO representative)