Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting started

e-Skilling the SES is a blended learning program designed and developed in partnership between the NSW State Emergency Service and Kiama Community College. Our aim is to train 10 professional educators to design and develop e-learning in both synchronous and asynchronous environments. Together we will produce a blended learning induction program for the SES as part of the learning process.

The program is funded by the Higher Education Pathways Project, a part of the National VET E-learning Strategy.

The first part of any project is always challenging in my experience!

Young, the Project Manager, and NSW State Emergency Service Learning and Development Consultant, is busy recruiting participants and formalising the partnership with Kiama Community College.

Tara Me
ehan, Kiama Community College VET Manager, is working on the variation to scope.

Ann Brady and Marina Chadiloff have started work on the design of our program - 5 units of competency from the Diploma in Training Design and Development (TAE50211).

TAEDEL503A Develop e-learning resources
TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning
TAEASS503A Lead assessment validation processes
TAEPDD501A Maintain and enhance professional practice
TAEDES505A Evaluate a training program.

We are teaching people to design e-learning resources for use in a blended learning program - so our program is delivered using a combination of asynchronous online learning, live webinars, face to face training and work-based tasks.

Our tools of choice are:
  • Moodle learning management system
    - for asynchronous communication and learning and assessment activities, and
    - a place for learners to develop e-learning activities which, collectively, will become the online component of the SES Induction program.

    Learners will also be encouraged to use audio, video, ARED, Jing and other appropriate software to develop their e-learning activities.

  • Blackboard Collaborate for the live webinars. Participants will be asked to design and develop a short learning experience in Blackboard Collaborate.
Alongside this we will be asking people to consider their ongoing professional development and towards the end of the program we will validate our assessment tasks and processes.

So far, we have developed a course outline for the 5 units, the assessment tools and the first phase of the online activities are ready to go. A workbook for the face to face training is in progress as are the remaining online activities...

Our start date is 19th March - so right now it's all stations go!!


  1. In Wollongong enjoying the SES E-Elearning first face to face.
    Lots of excellent information .....many idea from many different people.

  2. Our first face to face time. So nice to see the people, after all this time hearing voices. Great session this morning on "Professional Practice". Loads of great suggestions for activities.

  3. Wow to think that was only 2 months ago, a lot has happened in that time.As an Instructional Designer the online part of it wasn't as daunting to me as it was for some, but there were still new tools for me to explore that I had not yet encountered. Also I have designed more than I have participated in online learning so this gave me a thorough understanding of the advantages and issues that can occur as a learner in an online environment. It's so nice to see how far we have come in such a short time, everyone in the group not only knows what Elearning is now but they have now built pages in Moodle, added to discussions in online forums and created interactive online activities. The group is also comfortable using blackboard to host webinares. This program has built a pool of people that I will be able to bounce ideas of and even turn to, to help with development of online programs within the SES. I am really looking forward to the next phase of the program where I can develop my facilitation/assessment skills and start training more SES members in online learning. My background is in Primary teacher and I have self developed my technology skills so that I can develop online learning tools. The bit of the puzzle I'm missing is the Facilitation and assessment within VET area and formal qualifications in Adult Education. With the opportunity to complete Bach. Adult education, coupled with my other degrees in IT and education, I will be able to further my career as an L&D consultant within the VET sector, focusing on online learning.