Monday, March 19, 2012

... and we're off!

We have 15 participants plus our project manager - wow - was only expecting 10. It's great that there is such a high level of enthusiam about e-learning which can be a daunting proposition. Our learners are volunteers and staff from the SES and staff from the RTO, Kiama Community College. There is a good mix of experience in the group including SES trainers and assessors and e-learning/instructional designers. Hopefully this will lead to a collaborative and engaging learning experience for all.

Yesterday was day 1 and I just had a quick look around the site. So far about half of our participants are in and most have had a good look round. A couple have started the initial socialisation activities which is great to see.

The first of our 4 live webinars is next Tuesday 27th March when we start to focus on the design and delivery of webinars.

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